7 Must Visit Waterfalls When In Haputale  

Known for its picturesque beauty and pleasant climate, Haputale offers a perfect getaway for adventurers and nature lovers alike. And as you explore this charming town and the surrounding areas, you’ll discover one of its most special attractions: towering waterfalls.

From the majestic Bambarakanda Falls, Sri Lanka’s highest waterfall, to the enchanting Rawana Falls with its ancient legends, there are breathtaking sights to discover. Each of these waterfalls has its own unique beauty and story, providing a memorable experience for nature enthusiasts, adventure seekers alike and history lovers, creating unforgettable memories in the heart of Sri Lanka’s natural wonders.

1. Diyaluma Waterfalls

Embark on an exciting adventure in Haputale at Diyaluma Falls, a 220-meter high waterfall with an impressive rocky facade adorned with lush green vegetation, considered the second tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka.

To get there, take the popular and easy Uda Diyaluma trail, surrounded by fragrant forests and refreshing lemongrass plantations. The climb takes about an hour, rewarding you with stunning views and perfect photo opportunities. Hiking to the summit is a must-do activity when visiting this waterfall.

Once you reach, you will discover seven cascading levels of the falls, each offering breathtaking vistas and natural rock pools for a refreshing swim. It is recommended that you visit between January and August for the best weather. You will be able to explore the intricate channels and pools carved into the rock, creating a mesmerizing sight.

Indulge in a scenic swim in these natural pools, surrounded by awe-inspiring views. Plan your visit to Diyaluma Falls and experience the beauty of this incredible destination.

2. Bambarakanda Falls

Discover the majestic Bambarakanda Falls, Sri Lanka’s tallest waterfall at a staggering height of 263m. Located just 17km from Haputale, this natural wonder is easily accessible by tuk-tuk or taxi. While making the commute you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding pine forest and deep valleys, offering breathtaking views and serene walks among the towering pines.

Although climbing to the top of the waterfall is no longer permitted for safety reasons, the site remains a stunning place to visit. If weather permits, take a refreshing swim or simply soak in the scenic ambiance of this natural pool.

As you head back to Haputale, make the most of your day trip by exploring the nearby attractions. Stop by the shop front to sample a variety of tea styles grown on the organic farm and find your favorite blend to bring home as a souvenir. Make the most of your adventure by combining these experiences into one memorable day trip.

3. Lanka Ella Falls

Hidden amidst the untouched wilderness, Lanka Ella Fall is a gem untouched by human interference. Located just 1 km away from the famous Bambarakanda Falls, this captivating waterfall can only be reached on foot. The name “Lanka Ella” stems from its rock pool, which resembles the teardrop shape of Sri Lanka itself. Though mesmerizing, the pool is incredibly deep and not suitable for swimming.

To reach this lesser-known beauty, follow the footpath leading to the top of Bambarakanda Falls and venture 1 km through the lush forest. A picturesque journey awaits, with glimpses of the cascading water gracefully framed by majestic mountains, and misty landscapes. The climate here often brings a gentle breeze, and the ethereal mist can envelop the mountains even in broad daylight.

Lanka Ella Fall is a haven for nature enthusiasts, offering a captivating glimpse of Sri Lanka’s untouched beauty. Remember, it’s our responsibility to preserve its pristine state and keep it free from pollution.

4. Paasi Ella Waterfall

Experience the captivating Aluthwela village in Sri Lanka, an hour away from haputhale, home to the breathtaking Paasi Ella Waterfall and the remarkable Bogahapelessa Forest Reserve. You will be able to explore ancient ruins, endemic flora and fauna, and spot wild elephants, bears, and deer within the surrounding areas

Don’t forget to also Indulge in safe river bathing and fishing in the enchanting Kuda Oya and Diyabethma Oya streams, surrounded by century-old trees. You will also be able to Delight in the bountiful harvest of paddy, vegetables, and fruits, including unique dry zone fruits like wood apple, bell, weera, palu, and himbutu.

Don’t miss the chance to savor the abundant buffalo curd produced in the village. Aluthwela is a paradise of natural wonders and agricultural delights. A true way to embrace Sri Lankan culture.

5. Bakers Falls

Experience the awe-inspiring Baker’s Waterfall, a true gem in Sri Lanka’s Horton Plains, Standing tall at 22 meters. Accessible via the Nuwara Eliya Entrance or Bandarawela Entrance, Baker’s Waterfall is a mere 30 kilometers from Haputale, offering a delightful adventure through the Boralanda and Ohiya regions.

As you approach the waterfall, prepare to be mesmerized by its stepped structure, creating a captivating sight from different angles. At the pinnacle of the falls, a serene long pool awaits, inviting you to immerse yourself in nature’s beauty. Delight in the waterfall’s remarkable feature, a point where it divides into over a thousand parts, unveiling a truly stunning spectacle. Lower down, another waterfall adds to the magical ambiance.

To enhance the allure, a majestic tree gracefully stands in front of Baker’s Waterfall, further enhancing its charm. While capturing the perfect photograph may be a challenge, the experience itself will leave an indelible mark on your memories.

Keep in mind that camping near Baker’s Falls is not allowed without proper permission from the Wildlife Department. However, with each step, you’ll find yourself enchanted by the breathtaking scenery and the untamed beauty of Baker’s Waterfall in Horton Plains.

6. Rawana Falls

Embark on an enchanting journey to Rawana Falls, just an hour’s drive from Haputale, this captivating waterfall offers a mesmerizing spectacle. Rawana Falls, also known as Ravana Ella, is a wide cascade that plunges approximately 25 meters from an oval-shaped rock formation. During the rainy season, it transforms into a magnificent blooming flower, while in the dry season, its flow dwindles.

Legend has it that the falls are named after King Ravana, who hid Princess Sita in the nearby Ravana Cave. Archaeological excavations have unveiled evidence of human habitation dating back over 25,000 years, adding a sense of ancient wonder to this natural wonderland.

Discover the allure of Rawana Falls within the Ravana Ella Wildlife Sanctuary, just 6 kilometers away from Ella’s railway station. Let the beauty of nature and the echoes of ancient legends captivate your senses on this unforgettable adventure.

7. Dunhinda Falls

Embark on a mesmerizing journey to Dunhinda Falls, a convenient one-hour drive from Haputale, one of Sri Lanka’s most beautiful waterfalls. Located 5 kilometers from Badulla town, this 193-foot marvel is formed by the Badulu Oya river, enchanting visitors with its misty spray.

To reach the waterfall, you are required to take a scenic walk of over 1 kilometer along a muddy footpath. Along the way, savor glimpses of a smaller waterfall and indulge in refreshing herbal drinks from native vendors. At the end of the path, a secure stage awaits, offering a perfect view of Dunhinda Falls. For the daring, venture to the foot of the waterfall, cross the river, and witness its breathtaking beauty up close. En route, you’ll also encounter Punchi Dunhinda, another waterfall nestled amidst the forested mountains.

After a 1 km journey, behold the splendor of Dunhinda Falls. Remember, swimming in the water stream is extremely dangerous and should be avoided. Instead, take a moment to immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Dunhinda Falls, and let its magnificence be the perfect ending to your unforgettable adventure.

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