Our Top Picks for Kids Activities in Haputale

While Haputale offers a range of exciting activities for adults, it’s important we keep the little ones engaged as well. Here’s our list of delightful activities specifically tailored to provide kids with a perfect blend of leisure, education, and adventure.

From exploring diverse bird and wildlife to embarking on a captivating tuk-tuk tour of tea plantations, make unforgettable memories with these exciting activities crafted just for the little adventurers in Haputale.

1. An Engaging Experience at Thangamale Bird Sanctuary

Thangamale Bird Sanctuary, located in Haputale, is a serene, forested zone near Adisham Hall. Spanning 131 hectares, it offers stunning views of lush green hills and tea estates and has plenty on offer to keep the kids engaged.

Nestled within this protected area lies a sanctuary for diverse species of birds, among them the rare yellow-eared bulbul and the endemic Sri Lanka White-eye. Visitors can relish a leisurely 4.3 km jungle stroll, with glimpses of creatures such as deer and monkeys along the way. A must-visit for families, this educational escapade introduces children to diverse bird species, animals, and the wonders of nature.

The best time to visit is from June to September when wildlife spotting is most frequent. Thangamale Bird Sanctuary provides a truly uncrowded and immersive wilderness experience, free for all to explore throughout the day.

2. Tea Plantation Tuk Tuk Tour + Cooking Class and Picnic

A famous tourist attraction, the renowned tea plantations of Haputale. Starting from your hotel, transport can be organised to the plantation where you can take the tour by tuk-tuk to wander through the lush Lipton black tea plantations.

Watch the tea-picking process, and kids can even join in the fun. Take a break for a snack before heading to a private house for a delightful cooking lesson. Learn how to prepare traditional dishes with local ingredients, immersing yourself in Haputales authentic flavours. For a deeper insight, visit a tea factory and learn the secrets of tea production.

End the day with a delightful picnic lunch amidst the picturesque landscapes, with a wide area of land for kids to play around in and enjoy meals, making this a perfect activity for kids and adults alike, it’s an unforgettable adventure into Haputales tea culture and culinary heritage.

3. Educational Tour at Dambatanne Tea Factory

Experience the enchanting Dambatenne Tea Factory near Lipton’s Seat in Haputale, a perfect family-friendly activity. The picturesque tea estate provides walkways for leisurely strolls amidst misty mountains, where your kids can run amidst the beautiful greenery.

The factory offers a fascinating tour every 30 minutes, ideal for tea enthusiasts and kids alike. Witness the entire tea manufacturing process, from leaf collection to packaging, and sample the world-renowned Ceylon tea, providing kids with an interesting, educational experience.

For the best weather, visit from May to July. Don’t miss this educational and enjoyable outing for the whole family, where kids can learn about tea production while surrounded by breathtaking scenery. Note: Avoid visiting on Sundays, as there won’t be any tea processing activities.