Hilltop Camping in Sri Lanka

Discover the island’s great outdoors, 1,550 m above sea level.

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Where lifelong memories are made, camping in the Hills of Haputale.

A hearty welcome from Picturesque! Experience hilltop camping in Sri Lanka 1,550 meters above sea level, on a cloud-covered site rising above tea plantations and the idyllic beauty of rural Haputale.

A campsite in the hills, naked to nature and exposed to adventure 🏕

The air crisp and cool with the refreshing scent of Caribbean Pine wafting in and out of your camping tent, these heights are best experienced with friends.

Seated around daytime campfires with hot beverages in hand, and cooking campside meals in tin pots, enjoy a hilltop camping experience surrounded by the island’s mountainous best.

Parts often heard, rarely seen! A series of colourful blogs on the unique sites and attractions dotting surrounding Haputale

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