The Best Luxury Bungalows in Haputhale  

Bungalows are considered an essential part of any vacation in Sri Lanka and are a must visit for anyone visiting the island. Sri Lanka has a variety of bungalows in all parts of the country, but the hill country, or Haputhale to be specific, is famous for its cozy, antique-looking bungalows. In addition to the […]

Our Top Picks for Kids Activities in Haputale

While Haputale offers a range of exciting activities for adults, it’s important we keep the little ones engaged as well. Here’s our list of delightful activities specifically tailored to provide kids with a perfect blend of leisure, education, and adventure. From exploring diverse bird and wildlife to embarking on a captivating tuk-tuk tour of tea […]

Idalgashinna Railway Station: A Picturesque Gem in the Sri Lankan Wilderness 

Nestled between Haputale and Ohiya railway stations, Idalgashinna Railway Station is a hidden gem that captures the hearts of those who venture into Sri Lanka’s upcountry region. Dating back to the colonial era, this charming station was constructed in 1893 as part of the extension of the railway track from Nanu Oya to Haputale. Today, […]

Best Train Ride in Sri Lanka

Departs from: Kandy train stationDuration: 5 hoursTicket prices: 400- 3000 LKR The Kandy to Ella train ride in Sri Lanka has gained worldwide acclaim as one of the most beautiful train journeys one can experience. As you step aboard the train and the ride begins, you will be awestruck by the unfolding scenery. The green […]

7 Must Visit Waterfalls When In Haputale  

Known for its picturesque beauty and pleasant climate, Haputale offers a perfect getaway for adventurers and nature lovers alike. And as you explore this charming town and the surrounding areas, you’ll discover one of its most special attractions: towering waterfalls. From the majestic Bambarakanda Falls, Sri Lanka’s highest waterfall, to the enchanting Rawana Falls with […]

The Best Strawberries in Haputale

Sweet, Tangy Red Rubies and Delectable Goodies from the Hills of Uva One of the best ways to experience the cooler regions of Sri Lanka is to savour our local strawberries grown along the island’s highest altitudes. They’re available throughout most of the year in these climes, but the primary planting season for strawberries up-country […]

Experience the Magic of Haputale

10 Things to Do (with Pictures) Do you know the two things that can turn an average vacation into a “great” vacation in Sri Lanka?We’re convinced it’s about finding the right location: a place where you can relax with the minimum number of tourists, and most importantly, somewhere that offers a range of activities and […]